St. Charles Band of Pirates

"Pride. Discipline. Unity."


Color Guard is an extension of the marching band class. Color Guard students must enroll in 1st semester Marching Band Class and will follow all marching band guidelines, rules, and schedules. Extra rehearsals will be added when needed including a week long summer pre-camp to be held the week prior to band camp. Color guard students will learn basic marching and maneuvering along with a study of technique in flag, rifle, saber, and dance. All color guard members are strongly encouraged to participate in winter guard after marching season


Winter Guard is a competitive extracurricular extension of the fall color guard. This group rehearses and competes outside normal school hours. The Corsair Winter Guard is by audition only, which will take place in late October or early November. Additional fees and fund raising will be mandatory for all participants in this extra curricular activity. 


 Chelsea Branson

Alexis Cather

Shelby Emerson

Aubrey Hunter

Colton Laws

Tyra Modica

Bri Pinson

Julia Schellenger
Abbigayle Yelle



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